Morphology and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline cellulose reinforced chitosan based nanocomposite

Mohammed B. Ghazy, Farag Abd El-Hai, Waleed K. El-Zawawy, Medhat E. Owda


 Chitosan/cellulose nanocrystals (Ch-CN) composites were prepared with different contents of CN.  Chitosan/cellulose nanocrystals films were obtained by casting of dispersions while the composition of films was varied from 5-20 wt. % of CN. Changes in the morphology of the systems were studied by SEM. The covalent linkage between CN and Ch was confirmed by FTIR spectroscopy. While and X-ray diffraction studies confirmed the appearance of crystalline structure for the nanocomposite films which makes it more rigid. The overall mechanical properties of Ch are significantly improved due to the homogeneous dispersion of CN and the strong interfacial interactions resulting from hydrogen bonding between Ch chains and CN in addition to the biocompatibility of both Ch and CN materials. 


chitosan, nanocelulose, composite, FTIR, X-ray, SEM

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