R. Murali, Sandra Pinelas, A Antony Raj


In this paper, we carry out the following Stability of Nonic Functional Equations

ξ(s + 5t) − 9ξ(s + 4t) + 36ξ(s + 3t) − 84ξ(s + 2t) + 126ξ(s + t) − 126ξ(s) +84ξ(s − t) − 36ξ(s − 2t) + 9ξ(s − 3t) − ξ(s − 4t) = 9!ξ(t)

where 9! = 362880 in Multi-Banach Spaces by using fixed point technique.


Hyers-Ulam stability; Multi-Banach Spaces; Nonic Functional Equations; Fixed Point Method.

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