Study the structure and physical properties of tin- antimony basedbearing alloys

Feryal Dawood


Bearings are used as a mechanical component to transfer the power and to move a certain part which makes them rotate easily and bearing metal should have balanced mechanical properties.  Structure, elastic modulus, Vickers hardness, internal friction and electrical resistivity of Sn80Sb15X (X=Cu2.5Al2.5 or Cu2.5Pb2.5 or Pb2.5Zn2.5 or Pb2.5Bi2.5)rapidly solidified bearing alloys have been studied using different experimental methods.  Matrix microstructure, Sn80Sb15, and the shape of formed phases changed with changing alloys compositions.  The Sn80Sb15Cu2.5Al2.5 alloy has high elastic modulus, electrical resistivity and thermal diffusivity values.  Sn80Sb15Bi2.5Pb2.5 alloy has lower elastic modulus, electrical resistivity and thermal diffusivity values.The Sn80Sb15Cu2.5Al2.5alloy has best bearing properties such aslower internal friction, high thermal diffusivity and temperature coefficient of resistivity values.


Vickers hardness, internal friction, elastic moduli, electrical resistivity, tin- antimony alloys

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