Vol 4, No 1


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Breaking the Paradigm of Negative Mass: Why Newton’s Second Law Needs to Be Modified to Enable Newton’s Gravitational Law to Deal with Antimatter PDF
Policarpo Yoshin Ulianov 241-245
Relativistic Mass Increase Explained PDF
Declan Andrew Traill 246-249
Radioactivity levels and hazards of soil and sediment samples collected from Damietta and Rashid branches of the River Nile, Egypt PDF
S.U. EL-Kameesy, S.A. EL-Fiki, Mona S.Talaat, H.M. Diab, Eman M. Saleh, A.M. Hussein, R.H. ABO-Zeid 250-265
Radioactivity Levels and dose evaluation in Some Environmental Rock Samples from Taiz, Yemen PDF
Mogahed Al-Abyad, S. U. El-Kameesy, S.A. El-Fiki, M. N. Dahesh 266-275
Documentation of the solar activity variations and it's influence on climate PDF
Dimitris Poulos 276-280

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